Our Lodge


Starting in July of 2015, SCRL moved to its current location at South Pasadena Lodge No. 290, 1126 South Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena, CA 91030, and adopted its service mission of restoring Masonic education and observant practices as a way to expand knowledge of Masonry’s history, traditions, symbolism, spiritual and moral teachings and best practices through producing and disseminating written, oral and ritual presentations.



Master - Jeriel Smith

Senior Warden - Dago Rodriguez, PM

Junior Warden - Brett Fisher

Secretary - Thomas Sheehan

Asst. Secretary - Roger Soriano

Treasurer - Eric Hamilton

Assistant Treasurer - John Seletos

Chaplain - Charlie Fisher, PM

Senior Deacon - Adrian Fulle

Junior Deacon - Michael Laidlaw

Senior Steward - Julio Luna

Junior Steward - Kenneth Thomas

Marshal - C. Douglas Russell

Tiler - Brandon Satterlee


Editor In Chief- C. Douglas Russell

Managing Editor - Dago Rodriguez, PM

Copy Editors - Brett Fisher, Jeriel Smith

Pop Culture Editor - Michael Laidlaw

Event Dates - Jeriel Smith

Layouts: Dago Rodriguez, PM